What we can learn from artists on how to cope with our much more fluid working life

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New Stanford research shows Zoom fatigue is real. Here’s how to cope better

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Two simple rules we can all follow

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Most people fail because they give up far too early

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In a global crisis or not, don’t make these mistakes

Woman sitting in a shopping cart
Woman sitting in a shopping cart
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  • Customers preparing to start up their business again
  • Customers that have gone out of business
  • High levels of personal and financial trauma
  • Only high levels of general inconvenience
  • No savings left
  • More savings than ever

Entrepreneur Naval Ravikant outlines how to get lucky

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#3 Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend

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3 ways to let go of sharp words from the past

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What would happen if you inhabited your life entirely

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“Once I’ve done x,y,z and the whole alphabet up to that point, in order and satisfactorily.”

What we can learn from the father of science fiction and his lonely childhood

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